5 qualities every good sports bettor should have

5 qualities every good sports bettor should have

Patience, intelligence and passion are some of the characteristics that every good bettor should possess in order to have a better chance of winning and enjoy every moment.

Everyone can place bets, but not everyone can bet and enjoy the whole process while increasing their odds of winning. 

1. Passion

Remember that the main purpose of betting is to have fun and even more excitement. It’s not just about betting because you expect to “win easy money”, it’s about enjoying the moment and feeling adrenaline at every moment, and what better way to do that than betting on the sports and video games (in the case of eSports) that you are passionate about?

If football is your thing, place bets on real football matches, on Virtuals and the Simulated Reality League! Not only because you are passionate about the sport, but also because you will have more information about it, as being a fan at heart, you are likely to know the current status of the teams and athletes. Just don’t get carried away by fanaticism and place your bets with a cool head to give yourself a better chance of winning.

2. Intelligence

As mentioned in the previous point, it is important that you have an idea of what is likely to happen in a sporting event. It’s not just a matter of going into any game and betting because the match itself caught your attention, but having enough information to make an analysis of what the outcome could be and thus have a better chance of winning.

3. Mathematical skills

As well as having the intelligence to choose what to bet on, you need to have basic mathematical skills so that, based on odds, you can calculate what your net winnings could be, what your losses could be if you fail and what your odds are when placing compound bets such as parlays. Luckily for you, we have a calculator that tells you how much money you could get for betting a certain amount. However, you should be clear that your net winnings are not the total amount of money you win, but the amount you get when you subtract what you initially wagered from your total winnings. For example, if you bet 100 pesos on a team and you win 400 pesos, your net winnings are only 300 pesos (400-100), since the 100 pesos you had wagered would only be recouped.

4. Patience

This applies mainly to long term bets. These are the ones you place on big and/or highly anticipated sporting events, such as the Super Bowl or the Champions League final. Because the dates of these fixtures are usually set from the start of the season, you can bet on which teams you think will come out on top or even which team you think will win. Although it could take several weeks or even months to find out the result, these bets are usually among the ones that offer the biggest payouts, if you win.

5. Know how to lose

In betting, as in life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. And as the good bettor that you are (or want to be) it is important that you are clear about this so that you don’t get upset when you fail in your predictions, let alone make a storm in a glass of water, affecting even those close to you. As long as you stick to your gambling budget and do not spend money that was intended to pay for other services or products necessary for you and your family, nothing can go wrong.

Plus: Intuition

We know we always tell you to bet with a cool head, but we also know that sometimes intuition can be bigger and more accurate. Our advice: if one day you have a very strong feeling that a team will win even though the odds are not in their favour (because this is something that often happens in sports), bet on it! Then you won’t regret later that “you knew they were going to win, but you didn’t bet on them because you went for the team that seemed to be the sure thing”. Besides, if you fail, at least you won’t be left with the desire or the thorn in your side. Again, as long as you stick to your betting budget, you’ll be fine.

Now that you know all this, don’t wait any longer! Enter the Sports section and bet on the Bundesliga, eSports and the Simulated Reality League from the comfort of your home in quarantine times.

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