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Patience, intelligence and passion are some of the characteristics that every good bettor should possess in order to have a better chance of winning and enjoy every moment. Everyone can place bets, but not everyone can bet and enjoy the whole process while increasing their odds of winning.  1. Passion Remember that the main purpose of betting is to have fun and even more excitement. It’s not just about betting because you expect to “win easy money”, it’s about enjoying the moment and feeling adrenaline at every moment, and what better way to do that than betting on the sports and video games (in the case of eSports) that you are passionate about? If football is your thing, place bets on real football matches, on Virtuals and the Simulated Reality League! Not only because you are passionate about the sport, but also because you will have more information about it,…

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Losing a bet, especially when you thought you had already won everything, is something that happens to everyone. If it happens to you and you don’t know how to handle the frustration and/or anger, here are some tips to get you back in the game as soon as possible or, at least, not ruin the betting moment for others. 1. Don’t call a win too early A common mistake for bettors in both casino games and sports is that they start celebrating before the game or sporting event is over. Remember that even in the final seconds something unexpected can happen to rob you of victory; football games have seen goals scored in extra time and poker games have seen royal flushes come down when it seemed impossible. While this won’t help you get over your loss, it will at least save you from embarrassment. 2. Take your time Making…

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