5 tips to overcome frustration when you lose a bet

5 tips to overcome frustration when you lose a bet

Losing a bet, especially when you thought you had already won everything, is something that happens to everyone. If it happens to you and you don’t know how to handle the frustration and/or anger, here are some tips to get you back in the game as soon as possible or, at least, not ruin the betting moment for others.

1. Don’t call a win too early

A common mistake for bettors in both casino games and sports is that they start celebrating before the game or sporting event is over. Remember that even in the final seconds something unexpected can happen to rob you of victory; football games have seen goals scored in extra time and poker games have seen royal flushes come down when it seemed impossible. While this won’t help you get over your loss, it will at least save you from embarrassment.

2. Take your time

Making decisions when you’re angry is a very bad investment. Avoid arguing with the dealer and/or other bettors and, above all, don’t place another bet if you are in a bad mood. Remember to think and choose your moves with a cool head to give yourself the best chance of winning. If you are very angry about losing, take a moment to relax, never forget that this is a game and the ultimate goal is to have fun.

3. Take out your anger in private

In case your anger and frustration are so great that you just feel like taking it out on anyone who crosses your path, the ideal thing to do is to log off from the online casino. Scratch a leaf, punch a pillow, scream in private and/or take several deep breaths, but don’t ruin the moment for anyone else. Remember that the main purpose of this activity is entertainment, so if you spend more time being annoyed than having fun, you might want to take a break.

4. Understand that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

As in life and love, gambling is a win-lose game. Although we dare say that betting is where you may have less control over what happens, because even if you know casino games very well and you are an expert in sports, chance plays a very important role. Be aware that you won’t always win and that you won’t lose all the time. Just strive to make smart moves so that your chances of winning a prize are higher and bet only what your budget allows so that you don’t have financial problems later on.

5. Keep going

Or in other words, get over it! Life will go on whether you keep betting or not. Maybe losing a bet left you scarred, but are you really going to stop doing something you love just because things didn’t work out the way you expected? Or, failing that, is it worth it to keep betting so that you’re only in a bad way? Think about it! And as we know that quitting gambling is not a good option for you, you’d better pull yourself together and get back to the table or sign up for the next game.

Don’t let this advice go to waste and take it easy. If you’re still hurting from losing a big bet, you can slowly get back into the swing of things by having fun with the demos and trying out the new stuff we have for you and have a great time in this quarantine: Virtuals, eSports and Simulated Reality League.

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