Tips on how to win at any roulette

Tips on how to win at any roulette

Casino roulette, whether from a land-based casino or a web-based casino, is a game of chance. This is not to say that there aren’t certain strategies and tricks for winning at roulette. Not at all. In roulette there are a defined number of numbers and two colours, so it is a closed universe ruled by mathematics and statistics.

9 Balls

This strategy proposes betting on the same number for 9 balls and changing according to the results obtained.

You start by betting on a random number, and it is normal that you don’t hit this first number (if this happens you must take into account that it was purely a matter of luck).

Assuming that we have failed with the first number, the next bet will be on the last number that has just come up, and continue with that number for 9 spins.

In case of a hit during those 9 spins, you have to bet another 9 spins starting from the number you hit.

It is advisable to play low amounts, and always the same amount.

This system does not seem to have a mathematical background, but it seems to work quite well. In any case, you can try it first by playing for free, and if you try it with money, set a loss limit.

Oscar’s Grind

The Oscar’s Grind strategy aims to make a profit of $1 after each series of bets.

It is not glamorous but it is solid, allowing you to play with control and security. It is also played with even odds.

The idea is to bet $1 and not increase that bet until there is a loss. Then the bet goes up to $2 and stays there unless you find a net profit (from what you bet). Then it is best to bet $1 again, or if there are several losses in a row, and then a win, increase to $3.

The game ends when you have used up your bankroll for the game.

Paroli system

This system also seeks to make even bets on the extreme areas of the roulette table. It is a simple system and does not aim to make super profits, but rather to keep control of the budget.

In addition, it can help you to exploit the good streaks while mitigating the negative streaks.

The technique is as follows: you have a budget X (say $100) and you define a standard bet for your game (say $5).

If your first bet loses, you keep the same bet for the next game. If you then win, you double your stake ($10). When you lose you must return to the initial budget (in this case $10), until you win, and then you can double your bet again.

This is where Paroli’s strategy differs from the rest: if you win three bets in a row, you immediately go back to your original stake (in this case $5).

It’s a probability-based roulette betting trick that counts on positive streaks tending to be shorter rather than longer, so it’s all about bailing out of a positive streak before you get cold feet and lose what you’ve won.

Cover the table

This is an easy tactic to try to guarantee a win on every spin of the roulette wheel, whether physical or online.

The aim is to cover most of the spins, but without covering all the numbers on the table.

It is not a highly recommended practice, as when you win, you win little because you have covered most of the table, and when you lose, you lose a lot.

The Dopey Experiment

This roulette trick is really just a way to pass the time. The idea is to bet a chip on the same number for 37 consecutive spins.

The premise is that on one of these spins the number will come up, and if it doesn’t you will have to fold. As you can see, this is not a winning tactic, as if your number does not come up in all 37 spins, you will have lost quite a lot of money.

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